“A visit to tease is much more than visiting a coffee shop, it’s a statement of sophistication, or even love. Every visit is an introduction to precision and indeed craftsmanship, yet always personal.”

“At tease, discover a world of extensive personal choice”

 The idea behind tease started one rainy night in September 2009. You reading this now means that our dream has become a reality.

Basically, the idea came to mind many years ago, during which time Tanya has dragged Stewart into coffee shops all over the world. Whilst on these regular visits, we experienced some good service, as well as some not so good. Well, that’s when we thought, we can do it better! So Tease is the brainchild of Tanya & Stewart and along with the help of some close friends, we have created the environment that you see today.

Our aim at Tease is to provide you with a warm, friendly atmosphere where you can experience tea and coffee as we believe it should be served. We have both spent numerous days at coffee school, finding out what goes into and how to deliver the perfect espresso time and time again… without compromise! For peace of mind and one eye on the environment, all our coffee is Triple Certified: That means it’s Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified. The same attention to detail goes for our range of Speciality Loose Leaf Teas, delivered to you in its own pot. Our range is extensive, each unique in their own way. The tea revolution starts here!

We want to ensure is that you feel your visit is something different, whether it be the ambience, the atmosphere or simply the way in which we deliver our products… Our goal is clear, it’s to please you. Why? Because we’d like to see you again and again.